Hiring A Realtor ® Is The Smart Choice

Dated: 02/02/2017

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By Rick Albright, Associate Broker/Partner

The M Real Estate Group

“A realtor is not a salesperson. They’re a Matchmaker. They introduce people to homes until they fall in love with one. Then they are a Wedding Planner.” - Lydia from Dipping My Toes In the Water by Crystal at nevermorelane.com

Romantic notions aside, there are some very practical reasons to use a realtor when buying or selling a home. There are many statistics thrown about by realtors to convince people that selling your home by yourself is not a good idea, but as we all know, statistics can be misleading. It isn’t the numbers that should convince you though, it’s your particular situation that should dictate whether or not you should buy or sell a home on your own.If this is a path you are considering, then there are some questions you should ask yourself. How much do you know about pricing a home? What about marketing? Do you have plenty of time to search for potential buyers? How well do you understand the transaction process, and most importantly, what do you know about the legal implications of real estate?

Pricing your home is not just a simple matter of what your neighbor sold their house for last year. Things change and not all homes in your neighborhood are equal. For that matter, not all neighborhoods are equal when it comes to pricing. Realtors have access to tools which allow them to more accurately put a selling price on your home. Realtors follow local markets and trends. They use comparative market analyses to find similar homes that have sold in the area and make price adjustments based on the current market. They have access to tax assessments and past appraisals, and regularly survey current inventories to better understand how the market reacts to different economic variables. In short, a realtor can put a price on your home that cannot only make it sell more quickly, but can also help sellers to save money in the long run. But pricing a home is just one of many services realtors provide to sellers.

Marketing is another service realtors provide that home owners don’t always have the time or energy to do as robustly as someone who is trained in the real estate industry. Not only can realtors market to other brokers on multiple listing services, but they also have access to other tools and professional office staff who can put their message in front of thousands of potential buyers. A home owner can post their property to Craigslist or Zillow by themselves, but these sites can be out of date and don’t always reach qualified buyers in the same manner as alerting a network of associate brokers, qualified brokers, transaction engineers, and other professional realtors.Realtors also have the resources to market homes in magazines and other paid advertising mediums that the average person doesn’t always have the time, money, or energy to work with.

‘Time is of the essence’ is a meme realtorsknow well. Realtors are trained to respond to queries as quickly as they can, which increases the chance potential buyers will be contacted and brought to your home in a timely manner. It takes time & energy to answers calls, emails, and texts, and people who work eight or more hours a day may miss tons of opportunities to meet the people interested in buying their home. Buyers can drive around and look at homes but often do not have the time or information it takes to contact home owners in order to view the homes they like. Realtors can help to make this process more efficient and productive.

The transaction process includes contacting buyers, title companies, assuring financing, negotiating and setting up inspections, as well as completing tasks on time in order to ensure the closing is smooth and fast. Realtors know the process well because they’ve taken the time and practiced long hours to help ensure they master the art.The one-time buyer or seller might be able to find their way through this maze alone, but realtors are trained in this process, and they know it well.

The paperwork involved in the sale of a home itself is daunting.Lead based paint disclosures, FIRPTA forms, and seller property disclosures are just some of the forms realtors use and know well that can help to protect both buyers and sellers from painful legal procedures. It is a source of ongoing training that help realtors guide both sellers and buyers in a process that is designed to ensure everything is done honestly, transparently, and lawfully.

So think carefully before attempting to sell a house by yourself. You wouldn’t do surgery on yourself - you want a trained certified doctor to do that. Similarly, a realtor is a trained and certified professional who is taught to put the client’s interest first. They have the time, experience, and resources to help you through the process of selling your home, and there are many licensed professionals in your area who can help. For those interested in selling their home in and around the Albuquerque area, go ahead and give me a call, your local real estate professional, at (505) 247-1002 ext. 156.

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