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Dated: 06/28/2017

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By Scott Albright, Associate Broker

The M Real Estate Group

Okay, so it’s time to buy or sell your home and you need a good realtor. All the big companies come to mind first – Coldwell Banker, Berkshire Hathaway, Keller Williams, etc. No doubt, these are internationally renowned companies that have a competitive edge because of their economies of scale, but do they really provide the best service a brokerage can offer? Are they designed to know the local market as well as a smaller company that is homegrown? Are their agents really any better at providing the services you need to accomplish your real estate goals than a local firm whose roots are tied to the city they operate in? My answer is no, yet these companies come to mind first because they have branded themselves well and have international name recognition. Just like McDonalds, Walmart, Costco, and the other big chains, these bigger brokerages provide convenience and even offer more affordability in some instances, but is the quality of their product really better than that of the local entrepreneur selling hand crafted goods in a smaller store front? After seeing dozens of toys, electronics, clothes, and other items purchased from these bigger chain stores fall apart before they even make it home, once again, I can say no. But for some reason that doesn’t stop us from returning to these giant stores that offer little to no personal relationships with their customers, so the question is, why continue going somewhere where you know the product is going to be less desirable than what is offered by a high quality local business? The answer is, you shouldn’t.

Real estate is no different, but because real estate entails greater risk with larger amounts of cash, it would be even wiser to think it over twice before going for name recognition over quality of service. But I’m not here to put down the big firms or to sell the brokerage I hang my license with. I’m here to sell myself. As an independent contractor working off commission I can’t tell you enough how frustrating it is to see potential clients flock to the pretty-faced real estate agents with their nice cars and no kids over someone like me who may be a little rough around the edges and a bit wet behind the ears, but just as driven and as hard working as those other agents. Of course, I need the business more than those agents, as I am single dad of three kids struggling with student loan debt and a military related disability, but that’s not why you should choose me over them. You should choose me because I love this job, and I’m pretty good at it too. In the last year, I’ve closed two deals on investment properties – one for buyers who will be making about a 9% annual return on their investment, and one for a seller who received the exact net-out from his rental property that he wanted. Not to mention, I secured tenants for the owners of four different rental properties in Los Lunas, Albuquerque, and Rio Rancho within a few months’ time period, and I’ve attended numerous trainings, workshops, and continuing education classes that have empowered me with the knowledge needed to be better than the competition. Not bad for one year’s worth of work considering the majority of my time is spent raising and taking care of my three kids, as well as doing side jobs for friends.

When I look at all the instructors empowering me with their knowledge, I usually think the only thing they have on me is time. But I have something they will never have on me, and that is my background. As a former U.S. Marine I have a can-do attitude that ensures the job gets done no matter what it takes. New Mexico may be a non-agency state, but if you are my client and you ask me to do something I know how to do, I’m going to get it done, for you. It’s not just the hard work ethic instilled in me from military service, but it’s also my strong research background that should make you choose me over the others. Not only do I have a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s degree in China-U.S. Relations, but I’ve also worked as a newspaper reporter in and around New Mexico and Hawaii. I know how to ask the right questions, I know how to look for answers in the right places, and I know how to research the market. It’s one thing to have the tools that can provide you with statistics that make it appear as though your realtor knows the market. But it’s another thing to be able to provide the right type of data using long-term acquired research skills in academia and in the field to give you the statistics you need to make the most informed decision.

Of course, it’s often easier to just make one of the most important decisions in your life based on first appearances. “Oh, he or she looks sharp and has a nice car, plus they appear knowledgeable and confident, therefore we’ll use him or her as our realtor.” But then again maybe all you're looking for is appearance – a house with new kitchen counter-tops, a fresh paint job, new carpeting, or a fancy door knocker. Never mind the deteriorating floorboards underneath that carpet. Who cares if the foundation is cracking or the water heater is older than my great-great grandma? And that outdated electrical panel? Huh? Who needs to upgrade that, right? Well, if that’s you, go ahead and go for another agent and live in a Potemkin village with termites and sinkholes. That’s your choice, but realty should be based on reality. They don’t call it “real” estate for nothing. So, if you want a real agent who can provide real answers, seek no further. Give me a call today at (505) 918-2370 and I’ll work to make all your real estate dreams come true.

Scott Albright is an associate broker with The M Real Estate Group, a local real estate firm in Albuquerque , NM. To get a hold of someone at one of their offices, call (505) 247-1002.

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    Hi Scott, I\'m interested in buying a fixer upper or handyman special but I\'m open to anything!

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